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Unisex LED Knitted Beanie

Unisex LED Knitted Beanie

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LED Lighted Beanie hats!

Ultra Bright LED technology with a premium compression fleece beanie style hat will provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight.

The soft, moisture wicking lining will pull moisture away from your head and keep you warm and dry.

The 4 LEDs provide more than 48 lumens. you can say goodbye to your flashlight.

It points directional light toward what your eyes are looking at.

Ideal for joggers, bikers, hikers, and even children on their way to school.

Great for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities!

Keep one in your car for winter roadside emergencies.

You have turned your one hat into many hats with lights!

There is no end to the uses

Kids absolutely love them too!


Soft knitted acrylic material

Contains 4 SUPER bright white LEDsBe able to light the distance up to 30 feet away

One size fits most

Unisex, for men and womenI

deal for joggers, bikers, hikers, students, and even children on their way to school

Great for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities

To Charge the item, just plug it to the USB port of your computer or power bank,

No Need for a USB cable.

Package Included:1X Led Hat

**For the Olive Variant, our team can provide a similar color. Below is an attached image of the similar product they can provide.**